About Sherri Somers-Bell

Master Life & Financial Life Coach who helps women all around the world in the financial industry attract revenue without sacrificing their soul.

As a sought-after agency builder, she uses the power of visibility and magnetic branding to become findable to gain all they desire—freedom, wealth, time, and security! She is not just an agency builder but otherwise known as the empire builder.

Sherri is committed to helping female financial agency owners explode their business to 5-6 figures months while working less hours. Using her Joyful Tribe Builder framework, she helps her clients streamline the process of operating a profitable agency without sacrificing their family time.

She revolutionizes the way women in the finance think about themselves and how they attract money, by giving them the tools they need to turn their financial expertise into a sustainable business—the kind that impacts both themselves and their audience. She striving to increase their earning power and bring knowledge and insight through various experiences to create awareness of healthy financial investment, and freedom lifestyle. Sherri believes, through high value thinking and actionable framework, a woman can become peaceful, powerful, and plentiful.

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